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Rossi Immobiliare di Rossi Maurizio - Viale Coni Zugna,37 - 20144 Milano - Italy
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Iscrizione ex ruolo degli agenti immobiliari tenuto dalla C.C.I.A.A. di Milano n. 189
Iscrizione R.E.A. numero 1077776 -

Rossi Immobiliare di R.M.
Viale Coni Zugna, 37
20144 Milano-Italia-Europe
office: (answer machine) tel/fax. +39
  • Thank you for reaching this page, which allows us to talk to you about us.
  • Rossi immobiliare di R.M. has been operating for more than 30 years in the fields of estate agency.
  • Our Real Estate Agency is located in Viale Coni Zugna, 37, Milan, Italy (we only receive by appointment).
  • Our telephone number and telefax is +39 answer machine,language Italian
  • Our Real Estate Agency has been working in Milan’s real estate market for 30 years, i.e. since 1981, year of its foundation.
  • We are able to provide a complete support for real estate consultancy in all its technical,legal,economic and financial aspects, according to Italian procedures, because we dispose of Italian external consultants such as solicitors, lawyers, public accountants, tax consultants, architects.
  • This particular method allows us to analyse every phase of a real estate project in detail.
  • Our method is core characteristics - TRANSPARENCY, SOLIDITY and ORIGINALITY - are based on the sole use of ‘Selling propositions’ and ‘Listing’.
  • Our printouts are regularly registered at Milan’s Chamber of Commerce.
    All the operations planned with us are therefore highly transparent.
  • Such a way of interpreting the market is a guarantee for both the buyer and the seller of a property.
  • Our standards lie on the strictest criteria of impartiality.
  • We are duly registered at the C.C.I.A. of Milan Italy, in the specific Roll.
  • We operate in the rispecyt of the Italian law D.M.143 of 3/2/2006 art.14,38,39 and D.Lgs.231 of 21/11/2007 (Antiriciclaggio).

    Houses for sale

      Do you want us to sell your property in Italy Milan ? You will benefit from

    1. evaluation at market price, thus avoiding waste of time.
    2. A twentyfive-year experience in the advertising promotion and in the presentation of your real estate transactions on the market.
    3. Accompanied surveys, organized upon a customers’ selection, and followed by a complete sale processing.

      Do you want to sale or to purchase a property ? Send us an E-mail

      Do you want sell your property?:

    1. Contact us with email: rossiimmobiliare2016@mail.com,and send us a description, photograph or plan, of your property that you intend to sell or lease, remember that we specialize in the University (Catholic, Bocconi),and in the center of Milan and around it. Do not forget to give us your name and phone number required to reply in which you also referred to the timing of the alleged sale or lease,the moment of the market and our terms and condition.

      1.  Our Real Estate Agency in registered:

    2. Logo FIAIP - Federazione Italiana Agenti immobiliari Professionali-
      Fiaip is the biggest Italian organization of real estate agents, it has over 11.000 members in Italy.

    3. Member worldproperties.com
      International Consortium of Real Estate Associations.The best real estate agents in the world

    4. Member of C.E.I.
      Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier - European Confederation of Real Estate Agents

    5.  What makes a FIAIP Real Estate Agent?

      1. 1) A FIAIP Agent is not just an intermediary: he is a professional supported by a national federation. The federation does not only provide its members with a constant updating concerning Real Estate problems; it also imposes them a precise, strict and very articulate ethical code.
      2. 2) Moreover, FIAIP has decided to limit the admissions to those who prove to satisfy the following conditions: a) inscription to the Real Estate Roll in the Chamber of Commerce; b) an absolute morality; c) fairness.
      3. 3) All this is a guarantee of professionalism and fair trading, both towards customers and colleagues.
      4. 4) So apply to a Real Estate Agent in complete confidence. Listen to his advice, because he has the experience needed to help you buy your house.
      5. 5) And the moment you pay his fee you won’t have an unwelcome surprise.


        According to law 675/1996 (concerning treatment and comunication of personal information) and to the  Italian legislative decree dated 30/06/2003, n.196 (Code in matter of protection of the personal data) published on the Official Gazette n 174 dated 29/07/2003 we inform you that all data and photos contained in the card that present you the offer,have been inserted on internet with the expressed authorization of the vendor with subscription of the card
      1. Copyright: The copy and the diffusion of the news contained in this web site are prohibited without our expressed written authorization.


        1. At the beginning, an Agent’s job was simply that of putting buyers and sellers in contact - - which is typical of the ‘middleman’ of the old days. Real Estate Agents are nowadays true professionals who employ a specific knowledge of the technical, technological and legal aspects, thus offering a service that has little to do with the old middleman’s
        2. From the legal point of view, today’s Real Estate Agents, professional dealers, are nevertheless still organized according to the figure of the ‘mediator’.

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  • Thank you for your time spend with us !


    Rossi Immobiliare Viale Coni Zugna,3720144 Milano Italia

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